precious metal electrolytes
gold palladium

Aurega® blend Pd 9000

Pale gold deposits with extraordinary corrosion resistance

The goldprocess Aurega® blend Pd 9000 is a neutral sulfite electrolyte which produces mirrorbright deposits with a hardness of about 260 – 320 HV20. This type of process is widely used for decorative plating in the spectacle industry as well as for watches and jewellery. Layers from Aurega® blend Pd 9000 have an extraordinary corrosion resistance and are colour constant up to approx. 250°C. They are of 21 – 22 ct.

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Properties & Benefits

  • colour constant up to 250°C
  • sulfite
  • corrosion resistant
  • free of nickel and cobalt
  • L* = = 83, a = +6, b = +18

Area of Application

  • Jewellery
  • Optical frame industry