Stabilize it!

January 2023 | Chemicals Stabilize it!Our new Stabilizer for high Bath Load Conditions. It is common sense that under high bath load conditions – small bath volume, huge production – due to the low current efficiency of Platinum Rhodium solutions a lot of hydrogen is produced. This hydrogen reduces in an autocatalytic reaction especially the

True eco! Platega® blend Rh eco

September 2022 | Chemicals True eco! Platega® blend Rh ecoBrilliantly white layers that can barely be distinguished from pure rhodium, featuring efficient layering? This is the Platega® blend Rh eco. Our search for cost-effective alternatives to rhodium, which has seen unparalleled price developments with repeated record highs in recent years, has been going on for some

New! Aurega® blend Ag – high-gloss and cost-effective!

September 2022 | Chemicals New! Aurega® blend Ag – high-gloss and cost-effective! The perfect surface: our standards are at least as high as those of our customers. We optimise our products for each type of use. Discover the diversity of our Aurega® gold electrolytes that can be used for both decorative and technical applications.Our gold-silver process Aurega® blend