The New FIB-SEM Electron Microscope Tescan Amber X

Our FIB-SEM scanning electron microscope with focused ion beam has become an indispensable tool at IWG.


A regular, monthly bath analysis is included as a special service for IWG customers. No tank is too small or too big. The smallest bath has a volume of 10 litres and is analysed by our highly-specialised lab technicians with the same level of precision as the biggest tank with a volume of around 3,500 litres. Planned or unplanned, we can quickly determine the various bath parameters to ensure consistent quality for customer workpieces



We can carry out our analyses quickly and precisely to help support our customers’ production, thanks to our staff’s high levels of training and our ultra-modern measuring instruments and cutting-edge technology.

Our Services at a Glance

Analysis of your Workpieces and electrolytes


We analyse your baths and examine your workpieces at our site, using damage-limiting methods with the following instruments:

  • FIB-SEM electron microscope with EDX detector and TOF-SIMS mass spectrometry
  • X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument
  • CASS and SO2 test instruments
  • separating instruments for grinding and sample preparation
  • various optical microscopes and colorimeters
  • ICP spectrometry 
  • AAS – atomic absorption spectrometry
  • autotitration
  • ion chromatography with mass spectrometry
  • gas chromatography with mass spectrometry
  • UV spectrometer

Our Highlight for you


We are now able to provide even more exact analyses than ever before. The Tescan Amber X is a unique combination of field-free, ultra-high resolution BrightBeam™ SEM optics and Xenon Plasma FIB. It allows for the precise preparation and analysis of various applications. This level of analysis is unique in Austria.


Planning of Electroplating Facilities

You are our most important input! We plan and optimize your baths according to your personal wishes and requirements. Our decades of experience and constant further development, but above all the close contact with our customers and partners, enable us to advise you in the best possible way and to plan electroplating systems with you entirely according to your needs.


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how we work

Detailed Support & Targeted Problem Solving

Are your baths causing problems and are not delivering the results you expected? Do you need specific assistance in process optimization?
We will help you fast!

Do you want to find out about our latest products?


Initial Analysis

We are your round-the-clock contact partner for all work process problems relating to your baths. Call us! Together, we will analyse potential issues and take the necessary steps fast.


Individual Solutions

Should there be more severe problems, such as contaminated baths, we can offer you our fast on-site service within Austria, Germany, and Czechia.


On-Site Service

Our highly trained staff will try to solve your problem on-site using a mobile laboratory and chemicals matching your baths.


Continued Product Support

Problem solved? We will gladly keep assisting you in the optimization of your baths or show you our newest products. Just contact us!

Questions or Sample Requests?

We look forward to your call or message!
Would you like to get to know our products? We would also be happy to send you product samples.

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