Buddha crown shines with IWG’s Aurega®

What an honor!

Together with Nattawute Pulputhpong and Stefano Giacomelli, and IWG Thailand, its Managing Director Chatchai Keerativorasakul, we donated a beautiful Buddha crown for the Buddhist monastery Wat Pha Son Kaew in the north of Thailand.

One of the most unique temples in Thailand, Wat Pha Son Kaew, set on a 830 m peak, is a Buddhist monastery and temple about 5 hours drive from Bangkok. Visitors can see five sitting Buddha Statues, the main pagoda and surrounding buildings are adorned with over five million colorful mosaic tiles and pottery items. Wat Pha Sorn Kaew glitters from afar and amazes up close! And we are allowed to be a small part of it.

Thanks to the employees

The employees collected for it with great commitment and we provided our gold electrolyte Aurega pure. For us, this was very exciting and a big honor. Because it does not happen every day that we are allowed to decorate the head of a Buddha. Mr. Chatchai Keerativorasakul visited us for this at our site in Austria, where we applied exactly 1,500 g of gold to the crown in our electroplating shop in many hours and with attention to detail.

Buddha should bring prosperity and happiness for all our employees. We are very pleased to be able to make this contribution with our Electrolyte Aurega.

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