platega blend rh eco-alternative to rhodium

True eco! Platega® blend Rh eco

Brilliantly white layers that can barely be distinguished from pure rhodium, featuring efficient layering? This is the Platega® blend Rh eco. Our search for cost-effective alternatives to rhodium, which has seen unparalleled price developments with repeated record highs in recent years, has been going on for some time now. Platinum is playing an important role

New! Aurega® blend Ag – high-gloss and cost-effective!

The perfect surface: our standards are at least as high as those of our customers. We optimise our products for each type of use. Discover the diversity of our Aurega® gold electrolytes that can be used for both decorative and technical applications.Our gold-silver process Aurega® blend Ag 3018 is a cyanide, alkaloid electrolyte that deposits pale yellow-greenish

Stabilize it!

Our new Stabilizer for high Bath Load Conditions. It is common sense that under high bath load conditions – small bath volume, huge production – due to the low current efficiency of Platinum Rhodium solutions a lot of hydrogen is produced. This hydrogen reduces in an autocatalytic reaction especially the platinum metal which leads to

IWG Chemicals
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Our creativity inspires our innovations, in addition to our competence and many years of experience. You are our most important source of inputs for optimizing our baths. More than 3,000 plating-chemicals cover the entire spectrum of electroplating.


The Right Products
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Our standards are at least as high as those of our customers: the perfect surface. This is why we keep developing our precious-metal electrolytes on an ongoing basis.

Our customers are manufacturers from a variety of industries, such as the jewellery, automotive and electronics sectors, and trust in our know-how and over 50 years of experience in plating.


Our Newcomer



The recovery of precious metals is one of our core competences. We use effective methods to recycle precious metals, such as gold, palladium, rhodium, and platinum, so we can re-use them. This is environmentally friendly and also good for customer budgets.

The cycle of electroplating. Turning old into new!


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