It’s More Than Just a Job

Working at IWG is much more than just a job. We are in our element when living team spirit!

We live in the best of two worlds: we are flexible like a start-up with the benefits of a corporation — informal and without long decision-making channels and complex processes. This is working at IWG.


Our Benefits

Family Business

As a family business, it is essential to us that you have the right work-life balance. It is imperative to find the best environment for delivering great performance.

IWG Worldwide

Enjoy the international atmosphere in our worldwide sales network.

Responsible Employer

We are committed to including ethical, social, and ecological values into our daily procedures, activities and decision-making processes and encourage equality and inclusion.


Our Benefits

Free Catering

You can enjoy a free-of-charge daily lunch, as well as free cold and hot drinks and fresh fruit at IWG.

Flexible Working Hours

We offer free time management in many positions as part of our flexitime model.


We make a point of team spirit. Celebrations, networking with colleagues, good food and entertainment. This is how we thank our staff members for their day-to-day commitment.


Laboratory – Innovation is Part of our DNA

You can find the answers to problems confronting and specifications given by our customers at our laboratory. It is vital in this ever changing world to pinpoint potential for innovation as soon as possible. This requires both decorative and functional thinking, work on new alloys to cut costs and faster exposition times for our baths.

You are responsible for the quality control of the samples submitted to our analysis laboratory. Therefore, we provide our ultra-modern, state-of-the-art analysis park for your work.


Electroplating – Layer for Layer

Our electroplating plant, a fully automated plating facility, will start operating in 2023. Its primary tasks will be the placement and transport of racks. Quality control for layers and basic administrative tasks are also part of this work and require special care, patience, and an eye for detail.


Production – from the Lab to the Customer

IWG manufactures exclusively at its site in Lower Austria. The mixing and bottling of our chemicals and loading and unloading of the trucks require special care and precision. We use highly efficient technologies in our work processes and offer a modern work environment.


Office – Every Office Day is Different

We do not just need staff for our laboratory and production plant. Whether back-office, customer service, assistance in organisational and administrative departments, procurement, HR or promoting the IWG brand throughout the world, we work in a highly professional manner in all these fields to continue IWG’s success story.


We Are IWG – Electroplating for 60 years!

Interested in a glittering electroplating career in the world of metal finishing?

IWG Plating is one of the market leaders in special electroplating chemicals for decorative surfaces with a high-quality finish and for industrial applications. We offer our customers a broad range of precious metal electrolytes for synthetic and metal coating, complex technical applications, and optimal corrosion protection.

However, what makes IWG so special are our highly qualified employees, who are always ready to go the extra mile for you. They consult and assist you in the system selection process, product development, the maintenance of electrolytes, the disposal, and recovery of used baths and in the planning of plating facilities.  


Our Application Process: Step-by-Step to Your New Job

Applying for a new job also means taking a risk. We want you to feel comfortable with us from the start. This is why it is good to know what to expect during our application process.

Online Application

All our vacancies can be found on our careers page. You will receive an electronic confirmation after we have received your application and documentation.

Screening Process

Should your profile match our job offer, we will invite you for an interview.


For your first interview, you will meet with the head of the relevant department and you will get the opportunity to present yourself to us. We will tell you about your future work environment and you will learn about us and what we do. There may be a follow-up interview, depending on the position and on your profile.

Signing of Work Contract and Starting the Job

Should we decide for a joint future together, you will receive an attractive contract offer. You will also receive all the essential information and we will agree on a date on which you will start at our company. You will familiarise yourself with all company processes and your tasks during onboarding.

Apply Now!

We will also accept your speculative application

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