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Crodega® pure 3+ FS

Brilliant corrosion resistant bluish white deposits

Crodega pure 3+ FS is an acidic chromium-IIIcontaing electrolyte from which bluish white layers can be deposited. Crodega pure 3+ FS contains trivalent chromium and can be used as substitue for hexavalent chromium bathes. Therefore the bath is less harmful than hexavalent chromium bathes. Additionally the waste water treatment is much easier.

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Properties & Benefits

  • Bluish white deposits
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hard deposits
  • No CLP-classification of the electrolyte
  • Simplified waste water treatment
  • L* = 84 to 85, a = -0,3 to -0,8, b = -0,3 to -0,8

Area of Application

  • Automotive industry
  • Technical applications
  • Decorative applications