non-precious metal electrolytes
copper tin zinc bronze

Cudega® blend Sn white 15

Nickel replacement with good corrosion protection whithout toxic heavy metals

Cudega blend Sn white 15 is an alkaline cyanidic electrolyte for producing a white coloured alloy of copper, zinc and tin and is free of any toxic metals, especially free of lead.
The bath can produce mirrorbright layers up to 5μm. Cudega blend Sn white 15 can be used for decorative plating in jewellery industry (nickel free products!) as well as on the technical sector for example to electrical contacts

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Properties & Benefits

  • Free of toxic metals
  • White colour
  • Long bath shelf life
  • Good corrosion protection
  • L* = 88, a = +0,2, b = +4,5

Area of Application

  • Jewellery Buttons
  • Zip closure
  • Watches
  • Electrical contacts
  • Technical applications