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Nidega® chem high P HS

High phosphorus containing nickel layers

Nidega chem high P HS is a stable, ammonia-free, self-adjusting pH electroless nickel plating bath. Nidega chem high P HS is designed to produce a corrosion resistant, high phosphorus deposit on steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys and nickel alloys, beryllium, titanium and other substrates.

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Properties & Benefits

  • High phosphorus content
  • High rate of deposit (~ 14 μ/h) remaining the same over several MTO
  • High corrosion resistance (passes nitric acid test)
  • Consistent rate Nonmagnetic deposit
  • Excellent bath stability
  • Self adjusting pH, non-ammoniated system
  • Ductile, pore free, semi-bright deposit
  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates
  • Hard, wear-resistant, gliding layer

Area of Application

  • Technical applications