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Nidega® pure Velvet

Fine-grained nickel layers

The Nidega® pure Velvet process is used to deposit uniformly matt and fine-grained nickel coatings on steel, copper and copper alloys. The surfaces are almost glare-free. The grip and scratching ability is good. The deposited coatings can be perfectly chrome-plated, silver-plated, gilded and painted.
With Nidega® pure Velvet, a fine-grained surface structure is achieved. The deposit is slightly matt and has a slight lacquer effect.
In principle, nickel plating takes place without circulation or filtration.

Please note:
In some cases, the plant technology and operating conditions deviate from usual bright nickel electrolytes. The Nidega® pure Velvet process is only suitable for rack appliction.

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Properties & Benefits

  • Satin
  • Good grip and scratch resistance
  • Deposits can be plated further easily

Area of Application

  • Only rack appliction