precious metal electrolytes

Pallega® pure HT

Mirrorbright pure palladium deposits in high thicknesses

Pallega® pure HT process is a weak alkaline electrolyte from which bright, decorative white levelled pure palladium layers can be deposited. Pallega® pure HT has been formulated to get crackfree and non porous layers. A typical field of application is the watch, bijou and optical frame production. Pallega® pure HT enables deposits of thicknesses above 5 microns with mirror bright finish, that is the reason why it can be used as an excellent corrosion protective nickel substitute.

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Properties & Benefits

  • Bright deposits
  • High Lightness
  • Crackfree
  • Good corrosion protection properties
  • L* = 87, a = +1, b = +5

Area of Application

  • Jewellery Watches
  • Optical frames
  • Technical applications