Award for exemplary building!

We received great news just before the end of the year. We had already been aware our company headquarters is an architectonic eye-catcher that meets all modern construction criteria, especially when it comes to sustainability. This year was the 56th edition of the Federal Province of Lower Austria’s awards for excellence in contemporary architecture. And it was a fantastic privilege for us to be one of the award for exemplary building prize winners. This gives us an extra boost of energy and motivation for the year ahead!

Sustainability is the guiding principle that flows through the entire lifecycle of our building – from project development and design, to construction, functioning, and maintenance. Our Green Building is characterised by high-quality, ecological design and features effective energy, water, and material use.

Very smart!

Our intelligent IWG company building ensures the efficient use of energy and other resources and its automated building technology provides more comfort and functionality: a comfortable, environmentally-friendly, high-tech environment, designed to encourage productivity.  

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