Destination finished Chrome 3+ workpiece


Not only people who take the train on their way to work are train travellers. No, we have also train passengers at IWG. Namely, the components that make their way in our plating shop for chrome plating.

Recently, we tracked workpieces of our customers that were to be chrome-plated. After qualification of the parts and acceptance by our customers, the production process is started in our electroplating shop. Of course, our production facility is fully automated and it would not be necessary to track the steps. But we wanted to see if it is really justified that we have named one of our transporter as a railway driver.

Would you like to follow the chrome part with us?

We start at the first station…
… the dry converter, it goes on to ultrasonic degreasing, degreasing, acid dipping, cyanide copper for adhesion, acid dipping, electroless nickel, nickel strike, bright nickel, acid dipping.

Now we arrive the big highlight of the tour: Chrome 3, Chrome 3 passivation, three rinses and finally drying. After a total of 44 stations, the chromium-plated part reaches the final station, the loading and unloading station. The lift takes it from the top floor to the basement. Our train drivers are real kilometre collectors.

44 stations to the perfect workpiece

Still “raw” at the start, after 44 stations they appear as a perfect workpiece – chrome-plated with our Crodega pure 3+ FS chrome bath.
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