The new FIB-SEM electron microscope Tescan Amber X

Our FIB-SEM scanning electron microscope with focused ion beam has become an indispensable tool at IWG. It enables the precise preparation and analysis of a wide range of applications for our customers.
The Tescan Amber X is a unique combination of field-free, ultra-high resolution BrightBeam™ SEM optics and Xenon Plasma FIB, which allows for the precise preparation and analysis of various applications. Are you already aware of its benefits?

– High throughput and large area FIB processing

– Ultra-high resolution, field-free FEG-SEM imaging and analysis

– High-resolution mass spectrometer

– Rocking stage for improved polishing quality

– Superior field of view for easy navigation

– Easy-to-use, modular graphical user interface

An EDX detector with an extra-large detection window for the depiction of the specific composition of a surface completes the system.

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