New at IWG – Casting alloys

We have expanded our product range to include casting alloys as base material for custom jewellery. As of now we offer casting alloys together with our partner.

Casting alloys are metallic materials consisting of at least two alloying partners that must be suitable for casting. They are hard and have a heterogeneous structure.

Cudega blend Casting

Cudega blend Casting are special casting alloys free of nickel, lead and other hazardous metals which can be used as base material for custom jewellery. The main ingredients are copper and zinc. We offer two different alloys: Cudega blend Casting 200 impresses with its hardness and is ideally suited for rings. Cudega blend Casting 100 is very suitable for large surfaces and is easy to polish. These copper alloys are REACH conform.

Cudega blend Casting 200

Cudega blend Casting 100

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