ISO 14001 – an investment for our planet’s future.

Our ISO 9001 certification has demonstrated the effectiveness of our quality assurance and sustainable quality management since 2018.

People and the environment are inseparable

Responsible actions are an integral pillar in our company policy. This is why introducing an environmental management system in line with EN ISO 14001 into our company was logical. It illustrates our responsibility to people and the environment – a commitment we are truly proud of.

Our environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and using every possible measure available to us on a day-to-day basis to help halt climate change. We strive for long-term improvements in our environmental performance, including the environmental-conscious use of resources.   

ISO 14001

provides a systematic framework to help us protect the environment and react to changing environmental conditions in line with socio-economic standards. This framework assists IWG in evaluating all significant environmental effects, developing an environmental policy tailored to our company and systematically building our eco-management and applying it in practice.

What we do.

We are constantly striving to reduce our ecological footprint. The photovoltaic system on the roof of our company building generates up to 100kW of electrical power and there is a second system in the pipeline. The power-intensive wastewater evaporator is operated mainly using solar power. Eco-friendly water-to-water heat pumps provide cosy warmth in the winter, while cold, resource-efficient well water cools our building in the summer. We only use precious metals that are recovered from our separation process. This is 100 % recycling = 100 % sustainable. The lifecycle of our products – from development, and production, to recovery – is a perpetual cycle.

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