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Aurega® blend Ag 3018

Pale yellow deposits in 18 carat gold

The gold-silver process Aurega® blend Ag 3018 is an cyanidic, alkaline electrolyte which produces mirrorbright, pale-yellow-greenish deposits with a hardness of 110 HV20. This type of process is used for decorative plating in the jewellery as well as optical frame industry. The deposit of Aurega® blend Ag 3018 has a gold content of about 75 % or about 18 carat.

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Properties & Benefits

  • Colour: pale yellow-greenish
  • Bright deposits
  • Cost saving especially when plating
  • high thicknesses
  • L* = 92,5, a = -3,5, b = +30

Area of Application

  • Jewellery
  • Optical frames
  • Watches