IWG Lab Solutions

IWG Lab Solutions

Quality assurance is vital for electroplating. Thus, in-house and on-site troubleshooting are among our core services, in addition to the systematic analysis of bath parameters, visual checks and layer thickness measurement.
IWG Chemicals
IWG Chemicals
Our goal is the perfect surface – and to achieve this we always design individual solutions for our customers. We develop electrolytes for high-quality results at our ultra-modern laboratory, no matter how complex the task ‒ whether for decorative or more sophisticated technical purposes.
IWG Plating Service
IWG Plating Service
We can fulfill almost any customer wish thanks to our ultra-modern experimental plating facility and fully automated production plant.
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Galvano Full-Service –
Bringing Everything Together.

We have combined our three service fields Chemicals, Lab Solutions and Plating Service into the GALVANO COMPETENCE CENTER to offer you a complete electroplating spectrum.

Your advantage with IWG as a full-service provider: we use the chemicals developed in our laboratories in our fully automated production plant. As a result, the baths can be adapted to your individual needs and optimized continuously. All core processes are automated and can be tracked continually. We can meet almost all customer demands and have a suitable process for you — whether for chemical nickel plating of aluminum parts, precious metals, such as silver and palladium, or alloys with rhodium in rack and barrel plating.


Graph und Schmuck

Rhodium and its Alternatives

In the world of electroplating, rhodium is often referred to as the king of precious metals due to its unique properties and breathtaking shine.

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Breaking News: Celebrating our RJC Chain of Custody Certification!

We are pleased to announce that IWG has officially achieved the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Chain of Custody certification!

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With the highest Precision and unrivalled Evenness: Electroless Nickel

Electroless nickel surface coatings offer a whole range of important advantages for technically demanding components and fulfil requirements that are hardly achievable with other processes, such as high corrosion protection and high hardness and wear resistance.

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There is no way around Chrome 3

Compounds with chromium(VI) are considered hazardous to health. They and other chromium compounds are therefore listed in the EU REACH Regulation. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals. It therefore regulates whether and under what conditions certain chemicals may be used within the European Union.

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Destination finished Chrome 3+ workpiece

Not only people who take the train on their way to work are train travellers. No, we have also train passengers at IWG. Namely, the components that make their way in our plating shop for chrome plating.

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The perfect surface in rose gold?

Not always everything works as it should. Troubleshooting with FIB-SEM analysis is therefore an important part of our services.

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IWG goes USA!

The IWG map is growing. We are now also operating in the USA. Contact our new partner Maestro Jewelry Tools and Machinery. We are pleased to announce that Harma Jaghlasian is now able to offer IWG expertise and products in Los Angeles.

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Stabilize it!

It is common sense that under high bath load conditions - small bath volume, huge production - due to the low current efficiency of Platinum Rhodium solutions a lot of hydrogen is produced.

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Buddha crown shines with IWG’s Aurega®

Together with Nattawute Pulputhpong and Stefano Giacomelli, and IWG Thailand, its Managing Director Chatchai Keerativorasakul, we donated a beautiful Buddha crown for the Buddhist monastery Wat Pha Son Kaew in the north of Thailand.

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Why IWG Plating

We do not do off-the-shelf. Innovation has always been an essential part of our DNA. We complement your continued development with our innovations, thus creating individual solutions. Our many years of experience can help you choose the optimal process for you.

Galvanotechnik IWG Plating
Galvano Company – OUR MISSION

Our Know-How is your success


IWG Plating is a galvano company and has been one of the global leaders in special chemicals for decorative surfaces with a high-quality finish and for industrial applications, for more than 60 years. We develop tailor-made electrolytes in our state-of-the-art laboratory for our customers from the jewellery, automotive and electronic industries.


Sustainability Plays a Major Role


We are tackling today’s challenges using diverse measures ranging from sustainable, environmentally friendly product solutions that promise better performance at lower costs, and the economical use of resources, to maintaining social and environmental standards within our supply chain.

IWG Plating Galvanotechnik Nachhaltigkeit

Detailed Support & Targeted Problem Solving

Are your baths causing problems and are not delivering the results you expected? Do you need specific assistance in process optimization?
We will help you fast!

Do you want to find out about our latest products?


Initial Analysis

We are your round-the-clock contact partner for all work process problems relating to your baths. Call us! Together, we will analyse potential issues and take the necessary steps fast.


Individual Solutions

Should there be more severe problems, such as contaminated baths, we can offer you our fast on-site service within Austria, Germany, and Czechia.


On-Site Service

Our highly trained staff will try to solve your problem on-site using a mobile laboratory and chemicals matching your baths.


Continued Product Support

Problem solved? We will gladly keep assisting you in the optimization of your baths or show you our newest products. Just contact us!

Questions or Sample Requests?

We look forward to your call or message!
Would you like to get to know our products? We would also be happy to send you product samples.

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