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Unrivaled uniform coating thicknesses, even on components with complex shapes? That is only possible with electroless nickel surface coatings.

The perfect choice for technically demanding components.

Our electroless nickel processes with possible coating thicknesses between 8 and 50 µm are particularly suitable for technical components that are subject to high stress. Especially for workpieces with complex geometric shapes and high demands on corrosion and wear protection, nickel plating in an external currentles nickel-phosphorus bath is the best choice: Extremely precise and with uniform coating thickness for almost all metals. All recessed areas or even bores are coated absolutely uniformly.

Chemisch Nickel Bauteil Beschichtung IWG

Advantages of electroless nickel

Perfect for functional applications
Absolutely uniform coating
Excellent corrosion resistance
High wear protection
Excellent hardness
Solderable and weldable
Magnetic or non-magnetic (depending on phosphorus content)
Appealing optics
Optimum sliding behaviour

Nidega® chem in the Test:

The electroless nickel plated screw (left in the picture) was cut in longitudinal section and analysed in our in-house analysis park using a Tescan Amber X FIB-SEM electron microscope. In the macro image on the right, the absolutely uniform, contour-true electroless nickel coating is very clearly visible.

Our Nidega® chem Product Range

Nidega® chem high P HS

The Speedster of Electroless Nickel Processes.

With excellent corrosion protection and a phosphorus content of 11-13 %, our Nidega® chem high P HS achieves a consistently high deposition rate of 14my/h over the entire bath age and is thus approx. 30 % faster than other available electroless nickel baths.

*) than common electroless Nickel baths

Nidega® chem mid P

The Electroless Nickel Allrounder.

With a phosphorus content of 5 – 9 %, our Nidega® chem mid P is particularly suitable for parts that require good wear and corrosion protection.

Chemisch Nickel Mid Phosphor IWG

Nidega® chem low P

The Black Aesthete.

In combination with the additive Nidega® chem low P Blackening, our Nidega® chem low P with a phosphorus content of 2.5 – 4 % becomes a real eye-catcher with maximum wear protection.

Chemisch Nickel Low Phosphor schwarz IWG

Comparison of our Nidega® chem Chemicals:

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