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Rhodium and its Alternatives

In the world of electroplating, rhodium is often referred to as the king of precious metals due to its unique properties and breathtaking shine. Read More

There is no way around Chrome 3

Compounds with chromium(VI) are considered hazardous to health. They and other chromium compounds are therefore listed in the EU REACH Regulation. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals. It therefore regulates whether and under what conditions certain chemicals may be used within the European Union. Read More

New at IWG – Casting alloys

We have expanded our product range to include casting alloys as base material for custom jewellery. As of now we offer casting alloys together with our partner. Read More

Pin electroplating with pinpoint accuracy

Pin electroplating is an ideal addition to the familiar bath applications. In pin or pad electroplating, the component or piece of jewellery to be plated is attached to the negative pole of the electroplating system. Customised anodes are encased in a cotton pad. The liquid absorbed in the pad is sufficient for the electroplating process, whereby the anode is moved evenly over the surface to be coated. The desired metal layer is created by the migration of the metal ions from the electrolyte to the cathode. Read More

Stabilize it!

It is common sense that under high bath load conditions - small bath volume, huge production - due to the low current efficiency of Platinum Rhodium solutions a lot of hydrogen is produced. Read More