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Your Electroplating-Company for the Highest Standards in Plating.

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors, such as the jewellery, automotive and electronic industries. Their expectations and standards are increasingly more individual, demanding more than just classic features such as wear and corrosion protection. As an electroplating-company with 60 years of experience, we offer a wide range of precious metal electrolytes for sophisticated technical applications. The highly specialised staff consult and assist you in your system selection process, product development, the maintenance of your electrolytes, the disposal and recovery of used baths, and the planning of your plating facility. We always find a tailor-made solution for our customers.

Galvano Competence

At a Glance

IWG Quality Responsibility

Made in Austria

The quality of our products is vital to our company. No compromises! Every single batch is checked before it leaves our Production Department. All our products are manufactured exclusively in our company headquarters in Lower Austria – made in Austria!

IWG Worldwide

Worldwide Product Support

We are always near to our customers. IWG Plating has been analyzing and developing all products at the state-of-the-art headquarters in Marktgrafneusiedl, north of Vienna in Lower Austria, since 2019. Together with our international sales offices, this guarantees our proximity to customers!

IWG Plating offers worldwide product support and fast delivery, wherever you are.

IWG COMpany brochure

Discover IWG

You can download the IWG company brochure here.
We will also be happy to send it to you by post.

Our values

Corporate Responsibility
und Compliance

We believe we have special responsibility because we are a family business in our third generation and we want to strengthen people and the environment in the long-term through sustainable actions – because only those conscious of their responsibility can act accordingly. This is our belief. For us, corporate responsibility is constant development in a wide spectrum of different fields – from sustainable product solutions, social commitment, workplace safety for our staff, the careful use of resources, and compliance with social and environmental standards, to our contribution to climate protection. Sustainability has long since turned into a key company objective from a sideshow. We can proudly say we are working consistently on reducing our ecological footprint.

RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council – Chain of Custody

IWG is one of very few companies in Austria and only around 360 worldwide to have achieved the RJC – Chain of Custody Certification.

This standard defines an approach for companies to handle and trade gold and platinum group metals in a way that is fully traceable and responsibly sourced.

QUALITY & Environment & Safety

We Focus on the Details



By certifying our quality management systems according to ISO 9001, we create the necessary conditions for the implementation of an optimal quality standard. With the ISO 9001 quality management system, we ensure that we are able to meet the requirements of our customers as well as legal requirements for our products and services. This includes consistent processes, the continuous further development of our processes as well as the ongoing consideration of risks and opportunities.



With our directive we set ourselves ambitionous goals in environmental protection management. Our company is cetified according to ISO 14001.

We take our responsibility towards environment and mankind seriously because we want to preserve our earth for future generations. We use our energy and raw-material resources efficiently and economically and dispose our wastes acording to the state of the art. Development of environmentally friendly products is coroprate goal and we work systematically on reducing our ecological footprint.

• Promoting a corporate culture that uses energy and material ressources sparingly.
• Environmentally friendly chemical management
• Waste separation to make recycling possible
• Disposal of chemical wastes using state-of-the-art technologies
• Environmental training to make our employees aware of the importance of this measure

Our operating site is a genuine green building, whether thanks to our photovoltaic system with up to 240 kW of electrical output or our environmentally friendly water-to-water heat pumps. We only use precious metals that are recovered from our separation process. This is 100% recycling = 100% sustainable. The lifecycle of our products – from development and production to recovery – is a perpetual cycle.



Our company’s efficiency is closely linked to the protection of our staff, as well as the protection of our environment and safety of our products. The consistent implementation of all relevant environmental and safety regulations is our No. 1 priority.

Our Products comply with the REACH und RoHS directives of the the European Union bzw. der European Commission respectively.

Questions or Sample Requests?

We look forward to your call or message!
Would you like to get to know our products? We would also be happy to send you product samples.

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