Discover all precious
metal electrolytes

such as Aurega®, our gold electrolytes, which can be used for both decorative and technical applications. Or our rhodium electrolytes, Rhodega®, which are characterised by high abrasion resistance and excellent corrosion protection. You can also find excellent alternatives to pure rhodium for a smaller budget in our portfolio, such as Platega® pure or blend. Discover all our precious metal electrolytes!

Pure Elegance –
Our Product line *pure

Pure precious metal electrolytes developed and manufactured in our inhouse- laboratory. All our pure precious metal electrolytes are marked with the suffix “pure “.

The Best Mix – Our Precious Metal Alloys *blend

Our alloy electrolytes meet multiple needs and are often a cost-effective alternative. All our alloys are marked with the suffix “blend”.

Our Non-Precious Metal Electrolytes

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