True eco! Platega® blend Rh eco

platega blend rh eco-alternative to rhodium

Brilliantly white layers that can barely be distinguished from pure rhodium, featuring efficient layering? This is the Platega® blend Rh eco.

Our search for cost-effective alternatives to rhodium, which has seen unparalleled price developments with repeated record highs in recent years, has been going on for some time now. Platinum is playing an important role in this process, thanks to its layering properties and stable pricing. 

It is an acidic electrolyte that really proves its value thanks to brilliant, white coats featuring a layer thickness of up to 0.3 μm and a visual appearance almost as pure as rhodium. It is perfect for coating jewellery, glasses, watches, electric contacts, and electronic components. Its use is very simple due to a minimum of components.

The lower bath concentration cuts drag-out and ensures lower costs for new batch baths. Its lower metal content makes it very economical and a real ECO product.

A Platega® blend Rh eco layer consists of 20 % rhodium and 80 % platinum, but is almost indistinguishable from pure rhodium coats, even to the trained eye.

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